Our core team is small on purpose: we want to focus on you, our client and partner. With a combined 80 years as civil engineers, we have the experience to help you with just about anything. We can work with all size of projects: from a pre-purchase investigation all the way up to full property remodel.

Seismic Evaluation and Analysis

Tatwai House

Seattle, WA — We modernized and practically doubled the size of this house, using a wood framed seismic resistance system with a mostly new foundation system and engineered lumber to support the 2nd story.

The site was underlain with poorly draining soil and had to be de-watered prior to construction.

Burt Engineering also provides nonstructural design as needed to achieve specific seismic performance requirement as well as blast resistant design services as an extension of proper earthquake resistant design.

Sustainable Design

Swauk Ranch

Seattle, WA — This is a new structure that is comprised of 5 buildings attached in a row. This building is built green. The trusses shown are site built from heavy timber, 50% of which was milled on site and the rest was from old growth lumber reclaimed from a 100 year old warehouse in Seattle.

The trusses span 40 feet, supporting an 80 psf roof snow load. The trusses feature a clerestory, letting natural light in. The building includes a ranch maintenance shop, office space, and a small residence.

The project also includes a wind turbine generator to reduce demand on the grid.

Peer Review/Value Engineering

Krompholz Residence

Seattle, WA — Helped make a house accessible for a young handicapped man.

Peer review services balance the opinion of the reviewer and the design professionals of record, and are conducted in a manner that informs the owner of the issues in understandable language and the options to quickly remedy the disagreements.

Pre-lease/Pre-purchase Investigations


Seattle, WA — We provide expert opinions on compliance with applicable and current codes and specific, understandable performance information needed for informed choices.

If you'd like to know more about these or any other projects, call us at (206) 779-6856 or email us at cb@burtengineering.com.